How much are pianos for sale

There are many things to consider before buying a piano, either used or new or even digital, choosing the right piano at reasonable cost can be really daunting process. Question is how much you should spend on buying a piano, this depends on the why you need a piano. Whether you’re buying it for your child or you’re a professional who is going to play on concerts.

Spending a larger budget than normal to get the piano would be better. As most of things in life, you get what you pay for and this goes when buying grand pianos.

New pianos

Prices of new pianos range from £2200 till £25000 and more. It is better to choose a piano that suits your budget and your needs.

Used pianos

If you’re looking for secondhand pianos around the market then spending £1500 on a real secondhand piano that is in proper working, is a full-size instrument, and have proper touch and tone is recommended.

Digital pianos

There are number of grand pianos for sale in market with different features and brands. Price of any piano you’re buying will largely depend on the brand you are selecting. However, you can spend up to £800 to buy a digital piano.

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